Back when I was just startin out with this crime fightin’ deal, I’d just came to this city and didn’t know the place that well. Tails was my first friend and he followed me everywhere. I just remember we stayed up late watching scary movies and heard something outside…So, in time he went with me to kick some Eggman ass and I wasn’t used to having someone next to me to constantly protect. Eggman threatened to shoot Tails but I got cocky and boasted about how I’d get to him faster than he could shoot. 

I was half right, but he ended up shooting, missed Tails but poor kid was shocked from the noise and fell, hit his head on a jagged rock. Not so lucky that day… but I ignored Eggman after that and tried to find a hospital instead. the whole town was a huge maze and it was past midnight. I won’t ever act like that in such a situation ever again. He lost too much blood because I acted like an idiot. 

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